Oppenheimer Opening Soon

EventGallery-3566Here at From The Box Office HQ we are falling over ourselves with excitement for the upcoming, limited run of Oppenheimer at Vaudeville Theatre, Lodon (March 27th).

Tom Morton-Smith’s play was an explosive hit (ahem, sorry… we couldn’t resist!) in Stratford-Upon-Avon, with critics praising the show’s marriage of personal intrigue and historical import. Dominic Cavendish called the ambitious RSC production “an evening greater than the sum of its many brisk scenes”.

j-robert-oppenheimerScientific biopics are seemingly rather en vogue just now, with both The Imitation Game and Theory of Everything clearing up at the film awards ceremonies this year… it seems theatre is to be no exception.

J. Robert Oppenheimer was by all accounts a fascinating character, wrapped up in Communist politics and now associated with philosophical queries into the morality of science and war. Morton-Smith’s play chronicles The Manhatten Project from the discovery of nuclear fision, through to the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima but also takes pains to explore the man himself. It is both meticulously researched and thoroughly accessible. An insightful yet entertaining watch…

Oppenheimer is directed by Angus Jackson and retains the majority of it’s 20 strong, critically acclaimed cast members.

Oppenheimer is showing at Vaudeville Theatre, London from March 27th – May 23rd. Tickets are available from £27.16.