Guest Post: 12 Things We’ve Learned From Working In A Theatre Box Office

This is a guest post from Stage Jobs Pro.

We think working in a theatre box office must be, on the whole, a great job to have but, like all customer-facing roles, maintaining a cheery persona whilst serving a constant stream of people for an eight hour shift is sometimes enough to challenge even the most friendly and super efficient human being.

A sense of humour is surely part of the job description and, with that in mind, our friends at Stage Jobs Pro have compiled this amusing list of things they’ve learned from selling tickets all day, every day.

  1. If there’s a way of getting into that sold out show, you know about it…


2. You’ve seen more celebrities snacking than you’ll ever care to count…


3. Nobody need EVER underestimate your theatre knowledge…


4. You’ve committed the names of the cheapest seats with the best view to memory…


but will only share this knowledge to those who smile nicely.

5. People really can’t resist a good queue…


… and sometime you’re not entirely sure why they bother.

6. You know exactly who you’ll employ when you take over the place, based on how they greet you at the start of the day…


7. If anyone needs a recycled excuse for a missing ticket, you’ve got it…


8. People turn up at the wrong theatre all the time – you can ask again, but this is *still* not the Royal Exchange…


9. Concession rates bring out more adults pretending to be kids than the combined casts of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and Grease…


10.  You dream about writing VOID with that big black marker on customers’ foreheads instead of their returned tickets…


11. You have at least three quick-fire responses to “Do you know who I am?” and not one of them is “YES”.


12. Your profile on Stage Jobs Pro links you to some of the country’s best shows…

SJP profile

…and oh, yeah – you’ve seen them all! 

Seeking a job in theatre? Eager to work in events, gigs or festivals? If you haven’t already created a profile, head to Stage Jobs Pro now and their experienced team will help you to charge up your career.

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