Meet West End Wilma: The First Lady of Theatreland

We all love a good gossip, and few women have their finger more firmly on the pulse of Theatreland than top-blogger and all-round glamourpuss West End Wilma. So what of the lady behind the teapot? Join us for an exclusive peek through Wilma’s stage door!

Hi Wilma. It’s a tremendous honour to meet you – and you’re looking fabulous by the way! You’re well known for your love of tea and interviewing the great and the good of West End Theatre, but what we really want to know is….

Who would win in a fight between West End Wilma and Grizabella?

It would depend on who is playing Grizabella. If you mean the character then I would probably win as she is old and tired and one whack with my handbag would probably finish her off. In terms of actresses though, I wouldn’t fancy my chances with Beverley Knight – I reckon she could make mincemeat of me!

If you were tweeting an online dating profile for Wilma, what would it say in 140 characters?

40 something ūüėČ lady wltm male 18-29 for sherry & bants. Must be a gentleman in public & a tiger behind closed doors. Must love theatre. Xxx

West End Wilma - always on the pull....
West End Wilma – always on the pull….

If you could have tea with any actor, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Meryl Streep. I always say “be who you are, unless you can be Meryl Streep. Then be Meryl Streep”.

Who would play you in the West End musical of your life?

I don’t envy the person that would have to try! I guess Madonna could be fun. At least she would sell tickets (I’d hate my life story to close early due to poor ticket sales!)

What show could you see again and again and never tire of?

Chicago, Wicked, Les Mis and most recently Kinky Boots.

When did you start writing your blog and what do you wish you’d known back then?

It was about three and a half years ago now. I’ve learnt so much along the way and there are no guidelines or handbooks on how to do it and so it really is a case of learning as you go. Be prepared to take criticism and learn from it. People on social media aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what they think of you!

What made you decide to introduce the West End Wilma awards?

I was going to put on a cabaret show called ‘Your Song’ where the public voted for the songs they wanted to hear the performers sing at the show. But then I decided why not create an awards show where the public can vote for all the winners themselves. I also liked the idea of introducing some categories I haven’t seen anywhere else like Most Underrated West End Show.

Stars will be out for the 2015 Wilmas!
Stars will be out at the Hippodrome for the 2015 Wilmas!

How do you shortlist the nominees?

I ask my team of reviewers who they would shortlist in each category and then I look at what they have said against what I think and draw up the final shortlist.

Who is eligible to vote?

Everyone! Voting is still open, but don’t hang around!

Can people still buy tickets to attend the awards ceremony on 30 October?

Yes they can. It is 1.30-2.30pm (you can come on your lunch break) at the Hippodrome Casino (over 18’s only). There are a few tickets left at ¬£20 each so come and join the party!

Tickets are still available for the social event of the Autumn.
Tickets are still available for the social event of the Autumn.

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