Test your Musical Theatre IQ with our Anagram Quiz

Think you know your Cats from your Evita? Just for fun we’ve mixed up 20 musicals – how long will it take you to untangle the anagrams? It’s tougher than you think! Share your score but don’t give the game away….

No. 1) A Theft Prone Homeopath

A Theft Prone Homeopath
Well if you leave your surgical mask lying around what do you expect?

No.2) Ow – hot abs

Ow - hot abs
He’s more of a river rat than a street rat – fancy a paddle? {Image Daekazu – Deviant Art]

No. 3) A Missing So

A Missing SO
Lost in music, despite embassy assistance from Uncle Sam.

No. 4) Touch Propeller

The pilot definitely obeyed the dress code...
The pilot definitely obeyed the dress code…and it’s a lovely shade.

No. 5) Weird Thyme Row

Well, at least she's happy about it...
He’s dead, she’s happy  – at least they made it down the aisle!

No. 6) A hectic thief skews two

He may have stolen their hearts, he's messed with the wrong women!
When he stole their hearts, he tricked the wrong women!

No. 7) Makes Kites

She makes kites but she's no pushover...
She may be flighty but she’s no kitten in the bedroom!

No. 8) Eve’s Tacos Flop

Eve apple's were great - but you learned to love her Tacos...
She lived La Vie En Rose – but she was Ice cold in Alex.

No. 9) Proceeds Thru

Proceeds Thru
Fancy a good old fashioned scam? Lets live off the proceeds!

No. 10) I Am Jay Lancet

I am Jay Lancet
I love the way Jay Lancet keeps her love-life under wraps!

No. 11) A disabled bee sold

Disabled Bee Sold
Blondie makes a beeline for a single star…

No. 12) Widest Oysters

A gem of a show, but ask for a witness and both sides clam up.
A gem of a show, but they clam up when the police arrive.

No. 13) Inferred foothold

If a cow could play the violin, that's where he'd go...
Can this cow play the theme from Schindler’s List?

No. 14) Kaftan Stitches

I love the green in my Kaftan, but do you think this plum is too ripe?
I love the green, but do you think this plum is too ripe?

No. 15) Enemies must toil

Even bitter foes have to redezvous somewhere - but Missouri?
Even bitter foes have to make up somewhere – but Missouri?

No. 16) Sneaky Amend

The first amendment? Sure - but mind your language!
The first amendment? Sure – but mind your language!

No. 17) Your piano twang

Upright for sale: need redecorating - would suit traveler
Upright for sale: needs redecorating – will deliver anywhere.

No. 18) Broken Foot Oh Mom

I wish I'd never answered that doorbell now!
I wish I’d never answered that doorbell now!

No. 19) Lo Hitman

Drop the champ an email - he'll get back to you in the pitstop, penelope.
He may be a hotshot – but he slows down for pussycats

No. 20) Less Bear Miles

He made it through the Bearricade...
He’d cross any Bearricade for a marmalade croissant!

Think you’ve solved all twenty? Here are the answers to our Anagram Quiz.

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