Michael Macilwee: The man behind THAT dancing T-Rex

One Singular Sensation: The secret that could have saved the Dinosaurs has just gone viral. We met the man behind an instant Jurassic Classic –  The Dancing T-Rex!
The Man In The Dinosaur Suit
There ‘s a whole lot more to the Man In The Dinosaur Suit…meet Michael Macilwee


How long have you been dancing and where did you train?
I started off performing in musicals when I was about ten years old! I was mainly focused on singing and acting at the time. I also was in my school band, playing clarinet and piano. When I was 15, I attended a summer program that took place in my hometown: Scranton, Pennsylvania. The choreographer, Joanne Arduino, asked if I would take class at her ballet studio on a full scholarship. That moment changed my life!


When I graduated high school, I attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC, concentrating in musical theater. Once I was done with school I started performing around the US and then internationally. I’ve performed on National/ International Tours of A Chorus Line, Phantom and The Music Man. Some of my favorite regional credits in the US are: Carousel, White Christmas, 42nd Street and Oliver!

The man
The man of the moment – Michael Macilwee has set the internet alight. “I just hope the video makes people happy!”
What are you doing now/next?
I recently just moved back to New York City from Los Angeles. I lived out in LA for a year to do some television and film work. I also trained in Ballroom dance, which I fell in love with. Now that I am in NYC again, I’m back to auditioning for the next gig! I also currently teach dance at AMDA, the college I went to!
How did you happen to be dressed as a dinosaur that day?

Well several weeks ago I had said to some friends, “What if I bought one of those T-Rex costumes that went viral and did some Broadway dances in it?” So I went online and ordered the costume. I went to pick it up at the post office and had it with me while I was teaching class. After the class was over I thought I would give it a try. The video is actually my first time dancing in it!

Not yet! So if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!
Which character in A Chorus Line does the Dinosaur think it is?
Cassie. Definitely a Cassie. I’ve received many requests to tackle Music and the Mirror next. So that may be coming in the near future.
Which other musicals will the Dinosaur be appearing in and which characters do you think it would like to be?
Well, I feel like it needs to do some Fosse soon. So I’m thinking some Chicago in the future!
What’s your own favourite Broadway/West End show?
I’m not sure I know the answer to that! I have many that I love. The first show I ever saw was Phantom of the Opera. From the moment the overture started and the chandelier starting going up, I was sold! I knew from that moment on what I wanted to do with my life!
"I knew from that moment on what I wanted to do with my life!"
“I knew from that moment on what I wanted to do with my life!”
Have you been to the West End? Do you have ambitions to work on the West End stage?
I haven’t been to the West End yet…it is on the top of my list of things to do/see! And it would be a dream come to true to be able to perform there!
Where are you from and where are you based when you aren’t on the road?
I grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, (Home of the US version of THE OFFICE), and currently living New York, NY!
Who are your biggest influences?
So many different people have influenced me through my life. A big one growing up and still to this day would be, John Williams. When I was younger I would turn on the Star Wars soundtracks and walk around my house pretending I was Darth Vader. Wait, I still do that!
And a more modern influence would have to be Lady Gaga – such a fascinating and talented artist!
Sauve and sophisticated: It’s all in a day’s work for Michael.
And finally…
If people want to contact your agent or follow you on social media, how can they do that?
If people would like to contact me or just say hello… they could reach me at my Michael Mcilwee website and my Instagram or Twitter: @michaelmacilwee

Just would like to say thank you to everyone who shared the video and left so many lovely comments. It’s a crazy time in our world and I think we all need a good laugh. Since I was a kid my goal was to make others feel good. I just hope that the video makes people happy!