Victoria Wood: Our Top 12 Macaroon moments

We just can’t believe that another Comedy legend has been taken from us. Today, we bid a heartfelt farewell to Victoria Wood – the incredible talent that brought us Acorn Antiques, Two Soups and The Ballad of Freda and Barry and who died today but will live on in quotes that still play a part in our every day banter up and down the country in dressing rooms and box offices. Here are our top twelve favourite moments – we could have chosen so very many more:

Number 1: Acorn Antiques The Musical

Number 2: Brief Encounter

Number 3: Step Aerobics

Number 4: Kitty

Number 5: Acorn Antiques

Number 6: Swim The Channel

Number 7: Continuity Announcer

Number 8: Cafe Sketch

Number 9: Two Soups

Number 10: The Shoe Shop

Number 11: Dinner Ladies

Number 12: The Ballad of Freda and Barry

Victoria’s writing was genius – and that’s what drew such incredible actors to work alongside her: Susie Blake, Julie Walters, Duncan Preston, Celia Imrie to name but a few.

It’s tough to stop there…. What are your favourites?

Bon voyage you wonderful woman. Thank you for writing such brilliant comedy and making all our lives so very much happier. We’ll miss you.