Five reasons to love The Entertainer

This summer, Kenneth Branagh stars as a jaded Music Hall turn whose tax returns would make a coffee chain blush. John Osborne’s follow-up to Look Back in Anger exchanges an angry young man for a pathetic middle-aged vaudevillian in an explosive exposition of British social realism and repressed inner torment. Rob Ashford directs in what promises to be an unforgettable finale to Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company’s hugely successful West End season.

What’s it about?

Post-war Britain, struggling to define itself amidst the decline of Empire and the rise of Rock’n’Roll is witnessing an alarming shift of global power across the Atlantic. Failing music hall performer Archie Rice (Branagh) perfectly personifies the turmoil of a society fighting for its place in a rapidly changing world. As his family collapses around him, Archie’s father Billy (John Hurt) clings to a world which is now just a fading memory. A blistering introspective on the identity of both nation and the notion of self, The Entertainer remains as relevant today, as the nation once again decides its future on an ever changing global stage.

Who’s in it?


John Hurt: Back on the West End stage after 10 years away
John Hurt: Back on the West End stage after 10 years

Why see it?

  1. You’ll be witnessing acting royalty. If you’ve never seen Kenneth Branagh on stage, it’s probably the closest you’ll get to experiencing Sir Laurence Olivier reincarnated.
  2. It’s a rare chance to see John Hurt, the original Elephant Man, back in the West End
  3. John Osborne’s dark, powerful writing is classic British “Kitchen Sink Drama”
  4. Frank Rice will be played by bright rising star of Theatre, Jonah-Hauer King
  5. It’s always fun to see if an Oscar winner can actually sing and dance and whether he’ll fall over
Rising star Jonah Hauer-King
Musician and rising star of British Theatre, Jonah Hauer-King

When can you see it?

20th August until 12th November 2016

Where can you see it?

Garrick Theatre
2 Charing Cross Rd

Find the Grand Circle cheap tickets for The Entertainer right through to your pick of the premium seats in the Stalls here at

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