Andy Murray: Songs for a New World Number 1!

To celebrate Andy Murray’s incredible achievement in reaching No.1 in the world of Tennis, we thought we’d find some appropriately inspirational Musical Theatre – here are the five most perfect songs to celebrate being on top of the world!

The Tennis Song

What’s not to love about Cy Coleman? Not only did he write Sweet Charity and The Life (coming to the Southwark Playhouse in Spring 2017) he also found time to pen the utterly mesmerizing City of Angels. The Tennis Song HAS to be one of the cleverest examples of punning in the Musical Theatre cannon – and wholly appropriate for Andy’s incredible success in reaching World Number 1!

You’re The Top

When it comes to great lyrics, no-one can touch the greatness of Cole Porter. This sublime songwriter may have left us long ago, but his lyrics are so fresh and his tunes so timeless that he’s the perfect choice for anyone who’s just made it to the very top of their game….although we can all identify with Stephen Brower from Texas State University at 2m53 when those lyrics just would NOT come out!

Proud of Your Boy

This Alan Menken classic gets us every time…and it’s odds-on that Andy Murray is feeling just the same right now! Although we doubt he could sing the pants off it like Broadway’s Aladdin, Adam Jacobs

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

We all love a good Rodgers & Hammerstein, and this is definitely one of the best. It pretty much sums up what Mr Murray will be feeling like when he wakes up on Monday as the new official world number one!

The Impossible Dream

Anyone lucky enough to have the Broadway Cast Recording of Ragtime will already be familiar with the velvety smooth voice of Brian Stokes Mitchell. Here he is singing The Impossible Dream from The Man of La Mancha – a song which Andy Murray must identify with having spent seven long years waiting to finally make the leap from World Number Two to the top spot in world tennis.
Well done Andy! World Number ONE!