On Stage Disasters: When Peter Pan Goes REALLY Wrong!

On-stage calamities, trips into space and a French bulldog hidden in a handbag – no two days are the same for the cast of Peter Pan Goes Wrong. We asked the stars of the hit West End comedy, Harry Kershaw, Bailey Patrick and Bryony Corrigan to share their real-life disasters and tell us what makes them laugh their tights off:

Hi Harry, Bailey and Bryony! Peter Pan never grew up…can you think of one thing that you never grew out of?

Harry: As a child I bumped into things by mistake quite a lot. Sadly I haven’t grown out of that!
Bailey: Being excited about everything and anything. I still struggle to sleep on Christmas Eve or the day before I go on holiday and get pretty excitable around a swimming pool.
Bryony: Biting my nails. Unfortunately, Horrid habit.

There are some things you just never grow out of...
Are there some things you just never grow out of? Arrrr matey!

What’s the worst thing that’s gone wrong in Peter Pan Goes Wrong that shouldn’t…and did anybody notice?

Harry: There were two days of carnage during previews here at the Apollo. On the first day Bailey (who plays Trevor) and I collided with each other and my hook (which is heavy and metal) smashed into his face. He had a massive bruise on his face for some time but was back on stage the next day because he’s an absolute tank.
Bailey: I was hit in the eye with Captain Hook’s hook but covered it up with a bandage that I was wearing during the last 5 mins of the show and managed to make it through to the end using one eye whilst negotiating a spinning stage, catching Wendy, putting out a fire and unclipping Peter Pan. Members of the cast didn’t even notice until I disappeared rather sharpish just before the curtain call to A&E…
Bryony: It looked like an old school horror the way the blood had splattered. I think the audience thought it was just fake red blood…fortunately Bailey is fine now!!!!  

Watch that man - he's got a mean right hook!
Watch that man – he’s got a mean right hook!

If you could fly like Tinkerbell, where would you most like to go?

Harry: I’d watch the northern lights.
Bailey: I’d spend most of my time overlooking my beautiful city – London.
Bryony: I’d fly up to the solar system to look at the planets and stars!

If you could fly anywhere, where would you go?
If you could fly anywhere, where would you go?

What’s your favourite scene in the show?

Harry: I particularly like the parts of the show which are different every night. The audience really are an extra character in this show and that’s very fun to play with. Any of the scenes which are painful for Chris are great… So most of the show!
Bailey: It’s very difficult to answer that without spoiling the surprises and because I have so many favourite scenes in the show. However, I find it very hard to keep a straight face when Captain Hook and the pirates are all on stage together – especially the conversation between Hook, Cecco and Percy.
Bryony: Harry as Captain Hook has a scene on his own where he often ends up interacting with the audience. It’s hilarious and great for us to listen to as the cast as it is one of the parts that is truly different every night.

Bailey Patrick, Harry Kershaw and Bryony Corrigan
Bailey Patrick, Harry Kershaw and Bryony Corrigan

If you went to Neverland, what’s the one thing you’d take from home that you just couldn’t live without?

Harry: Contact lenses.
Bailey: My girlfriend and my French bulldog Alfie hidden in her bag. They both come everywhere with me and always have me in fits of laughter and make me smile every day.
Bryony: I have a sheet like a small blanket that I’ve had since I was little for bed. Probably that. Yeah, I should probably do some growing up too.

Who's afraid of the big bad...er...terrifying...crocodile?
Who’s afraid of the big bad…er…terrifying…crocodile?

Captain Hook was afraid of a crocodile. What are your phobias?

I get very nervous of standing too close to the yellow line at tube stations. If somebody is standing too close to the track I hate it.
Bailey: I don’t really have any, although I’m not particularly keen on snakes.
Bryony: Spiders – isn’t everyone?

Apart from Peter Pan (obviously!) what was your favourite story or book as a child?

My grandfather used to read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ on Christmas Eve every year to all the family. I would hold a candle. It was excellent.
Bailey: Peter Pan was and still is my favourite. If I had to pick another I’d have to say Robin Hood.
Bryony: Green Eggs and Ham. Dr Seuss!!!! (“I do not like it Sam I Am”)

If I wear black, they'll never see me!
If I wear black, they’ll never see me!

Who should someone bring with them to see the show?

I think it would make a brilliant date. If you enjoy watching people fall over you’ll have a great night. It’s a great alternative Christmas show.
Bailey: It’s been so skillfully written that the adults laugh and cry just as much as the children and are often even more enthusiastic to get involved with the mayhem. We’ve all been in situations where things go from bad to worse: It’s watching how the characters deal with these constant mishaps and push through their pains to ensure they finish the show that produces such face ache for the audience who always have such huge smiles on their faces as they leave.
Bryony: My grandparents come and love it, my 6-year-old cousins come and love it…anyone who has done amateur theatre or watched an amateur production or even a professional production where something has gone wrong. It’s a silly Christmas Bonanza completely driven by the heart!



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