REVIEW: Peter Pan (National Theatre) ★★★★

It’s always great to read a really well written, fair and balanced review. I now really REALLY want to see this!

The Mortal Fool

A refreshing, creative take on a much-loved classic tale is brought to the National Theatre; a perfect show for children and adults alike.

Peter Pan is a story which is ingrained in everyone’s childhood. We all know the adventures of the ‘Boy Who Never Grew Up’, his fights with pirates, teaching Wendy to fly, and of course his fairy-partner Tinkerbell. But with such a classic tale which is constantly iterated in pantomimes, films, and television shows – how can it be made different and stand out?

This co-production with Bristol Old Vic centres the story firmly around the idea of motherhood; a prevalent theme in the story, anyway, and really zooms in on this by casting Captain Hook as a female (Anna Francolini). Francolini, in her large gothic skirt get-up complete with hat and hook, is pretty scary as Hook. She is threatening, licking her bared gold teeth at…

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