‘I Just Want Mulled Cider Dammit!’ | Winter Wonderland Adventure.

Here’s a fantastic little post about how to get the very most out of a trip to Winter Wonderland! We’re really enjoying a day spent stalking out favourite bloggers 🙂

The Clumsy Koi Carp

Yeah, we did that Brit thing and went to Winter Wonderland because we enjoy getting drunk on over priced alcohol in a forced fun atmosphere.

Ok, so it was only a little over priced and the fun wasn’t forced, that was genuine. It was a beautifully festive day, surrounded by happiness and friendship, with sunshine and a crisp chill in the air (which allowed for my tartan scarf and big, square, tortoise shell sunnies for extra sass).

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

The three essential things I found to make your trip to Winter Wonderland as stress free as possible are:

A) leave enough time to get about and explore.

B) go with good company.

C) go in the mind that you will end up spending, so budget accordingly.

We got into town at about 3pm, which left us plenty of time to wander about and adventure through China Town in search of bubble tea. We…

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