Sam Wills or TAPE FACE (formerly The Boy With Tape On His Face), is a modern-day mime, comic and busker from New Zealand. In 2016, he made his Las Vegas debut, reached the America’s Got Talent final and completed a sold-out 52-date UK tour. Receiving five-star reviews and described by Time Out as “endlessly inventive and hysterically funny”, it’s a show you must see in 2017!

Here are 10 reasons you’ll love TAPE FACE as much as we do: 

1. His show really does speak for itselfgif

2. He’s living proof that you can be incredibly funny without uttering a wordgif-1

3. He demonstrates very creative uses of everyday household itemsgif-8

4. He can be a little cheekygif-5

5. He never fails to involve his audiencegif-9

6. He’s not afraid of having a good timegif-12

7. He’s oddly charming gif-11

8. He’s uniquely funny and, well, a little ridiculous gif-10

9. He somehow convinced Mel B to do this on national televisiongif-15

10. And he managed to get a laugh out of Simon Cowellgif-6

Coming to the Garrick Theatre in June 2017, TAPE FACE! 



View his full America’s Got Talent story below. 



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