Hamilton as overheard on the tube

At midday on Monday 30th January, Hamilton tickets go on public sale. We’ve rounded up EVERYTHING you need to know about booking, what it’s about, and who’s who in the show – including a very funny (and not completely accurate) plot summary by two old ladies on the tube:First…what do you need to know?

Well, for starters if you are even thinking about booking, SET UP A TICKETMASTER ACCOUNT NOW – you will be asked to set one up anyway when you book tickets and doing it now will save time on the day. Demand for tickets will be massive. Cameron Mackintosh is taking a stand against touts and operating new paperless tickets. Hamilton goes on public sale on Monday 30th Jan at midday, tickets are already cropping up on resale sites for between £1,000-£2,000 but DO NOT BUY THESE TICKETS AS YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY. Links for the ONLY safe places to buy Hamilton tickets are at the end of this post.

Who are the main characters?

Alexander Hamilton
Put 50 Cent, Sweeney Todd, and Annie in a blender. Shake vigorously and out pours Alexander Hamilton. Passionate, hot-headed and a brilliant military and political strategist. He’s also a bit of a hottie.
Most likely to: Sabotage own career for love
Least likely to: Vote Trump

Aaron Burr

Take DNA from Les Mis baddie Javert, Scar from Lion King and the Narrator from Joseph and you’ll wind up with Aaron Burr – provided that baby can rap.
Most likely to: Hug you while stabbing you in the back
Least likely to: Get invited to a Hamilton reunion

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

Take the best bits of Alicia Keys and Anna from Frozen and you’ll be able to stitch them together – somehow – to make Eliza Shuyler: a proud, trusting, kind wife and devoted mother…but with a funky spirit and plenty of soul.
Most likely to: Burn letters
Least likely to: Hold a grudge until the finale

Angelica Schuyler
Dazzling, brilliant and brassy, and described by the Hamilton casting website as Nicki Minaj meets Desiree Armfeldt. To be fair, there’s also quite a bit of Eponine from Les Mis and Mimi from Rent in Angelica Schuyler.
Most likely to: Sacrifice own happiness
Least likely to: Change Facebook status to “In a relationship”

George Washington
Authoritative, regal and aloof, think John Legend meets Mufasa. He’s pretty much the main man of American history and a father figure to Alexander Hamilton.
Most likely to: Be carved into the side of a mountain
Least likely to: Be impressed by gold-plated elevators

King George III
Snooty, over-privileged and a major irritant to revolutionaries, King George III treats America like a naughty child but gets one of the best comedy numbers in the show.
Most likely to: Go mad
Least likely to: Keep hold of his colonies

Other significant characters include the Marquis de Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson, John Laurens, Philip Hamilton, Hercules Mulligan and James Madison, Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds.

Who’s going to be in the London cast?

Clockwise from top left: Christine Allado, Cleve September, Tarinn Callender, Jason Pennycooke, Rachelle Ann Go, Obiama Ugoala, Rachel John, Giles Terera

Rachelle Ann Go (Miss Saigon, Les Mis) as Eliza Schuyler
Giles Terera (Book of Mormon, Avenue Q) as Aaron Burr
Rachel John (The Bodyguard, Memphis) as Angelica Schuyler
Obiama Ugoala (Motown, The Physicists) as George Washington
Christine Allado (In The Heights) as Peggy Schuyler/Thomas Jefferson
Jason Pennycooke (Memphis, Kiss Me Kate) as Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson
Cleve September (In The Heights) as John Laurens/Philip Hamilton
Tarinn Callender as  Mulligan/Madison

The title role is yet to be cast, further fuelling speculation that Lin Manuel Miranda himself may appear.

It’s legend now that the show first came to public attention on 12 May 2009 when Lin Manuel Miranda performed a song from a concept album he was working on at The White House. But hey, why wouldn’t you want Michelle and Barack Obama at the birth of your baby?

Where’s can I find a seating plan?
The most up-to-date plan (below) is at Delfont Mackintosh’s official Hamilton website – it is subject to change during refurbishment but gives a good idea of significant changes from the previous layout of the Victoria Palace Theatre.

Victoria Palace Theatre – new seating plan

The theatre is undergoing extensive refurbishment, so you’ll probably find it helpful to check out these seat reviews from customers who saw Billy Elliot to get a sense of what to expect from the view in each level. BE AWARE THAT THE LAYOUT OF THE STALLS HAS CHANGED.

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Image: Corrado Chiozzi

So, what’s the show about? Well, here’s that conversation we overheard…and it was too good not to share:

Old Lady 1: What’s this Hamilton about then?
Old Lady 2: It’s a musical. From Broadway.
Old Lady 1: Is it like Cats?
Old Lady 2: No. It’s like an American Les Mis but with rapping. My grandson got me the CD.
Old Lady 1: Any swearing?
Old Lady 2: Yes, but I just keep my headphones in.
Old Lady 1: There’s too much swearing in musicals now. What’s this one about?
Old Lady 2: It’s about an orphan called Hamilton.
Old Lady 1: Like Annie?
Old Lady 2: No. It’s hip hop.
Old Lady 1: Pardon?
Old Lady 2 HIP HOP.
Old Lady 1: When are they doing that?
Old Lady 2: Doing what?
Old Lady 1: Your hip operation.
Old Lady 2: Cancelled. No beds. Anyway, he starts as an orphan in the Caribbean and then he goes off to New York and joins the revolution.
Old Lady 1: Lovely.
Old Lady 2: …and then he meets these three sisters – The Schuyler Sisters.
Old Lady 1: Like the Beverley Sisters?
Old Lady 2: More like Destiny’s Child.
Old Lady 1: And what happens then?
Old Lady 2: I’ll lend you the CD. I’m getting off at the next stop. I’ve got the chiropodist.

Important to know:

  • Hamilton contains strong language. Recommended 10+ but children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult. No under fours admitted.
  • Running time – Hamilton runs for 2h45m including one interval
  • The cardholder who purchases tickets MUST attend – full details on the official website

How can I cope till November?
Download the Hamilton soundtrack or listen on spotify. And once you’ve worn that out, try the Hamilton Mixtape with covers by everyone from Alicia Keys and Usher to Busta Rhymes and Kelly Clarkson.

How do I get tickets?
Tickets can only be purchased from the following three authorised websites, all of which sell from the same single allocation of tickets:


Good luck – and see you in November!

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