How to “theatre up” your Pumpkin!

Looking for some theatrical inspiration this Halloween? Whether you’re having a party, trick or treating, or just looking for something to spook the neighbours, we’ve found some truly terrific theatre pumpkins courtesy of our friends on the world wide spider-web.

A right royal midnight affair...the princess of pumpkins.
A right royal knees-up…the Prince & Princess of Pumpkins.

When it comes to pumpkin parties, one youg lady knows how to make an entrance better than most, and whether it’s the Rogers and Hammerstein or Sondheim version, Cinderella is going to need some seriously swanky wheels to get her to the party in style.

Gold is definitely this season's orange.
Gold is definitely this season’s orange at project mommie…

If you’re feeling really ambitious, for the fairy godmothers amongst you there’s inspiration to be had from Julie, aka Project Mommie. All you’ll need is a can of gold spray, a magic wand and you’re off to the ball!

If your tastes tend to the more macabre, then Zombie Pumpkins has a fabulous page of printable Tim Burton-inspired designs from Sweeney Todd, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. You do have to sign up to download the templates on this one…but it’s well worth it for the wow factor.

Terrify small children with the Oogie Boogie man!
Terrify small children with the Oogie Boogie man!

Performing Arts blogger Nicole Wright inspired us to create a Lion King pumpkin and although there isn’t any photographic evidence, we strongly refute the allegation that our attempt looked more like a mangled cat. Fans of Wicked might enjoy a visit to her appropriately named Camp Broadway. Nicole also reveals the fates of all those wonderfully halloween-y women who have starred as Elphaba and Glinda as the fabulous Witches of Wicked.

Wickedly popular pumpkins...but shhh, don't tell everyone!
Wickedly popular pumpkins…but shhh, don’t tell everyone!

Of course there’s a reason they call it the world wide web – and here from Russia with love is our favourite page of Phantom of the Opera–inspired Halloween pumpkins…ranging from the breathtaking to the just plain weird!

The Pumpkin of the Opera
The Pumpkin of the Opera is there, inside your mind!

Whatever fires your inspiration, with shows like Thriller Live!, Phantom, Wicked and Woman In Black, there are thousands of West End and Broadway jack-o-lanterns yet to be carved. Whether you’re using a terrifying template, spraying your gourds gold or designing your own perfect pumpkin, we would love to see your creations! Whatever you’re doing this 31st October….

Happy Halloween From The Box Office!