10 Reasons To See ‘The Great Gatsby’

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic tale of love and extravagance in the height of the roaring 20’s has enchanted readers for generations, so much so that multiple film and television adaptations have been made. Now, you can get close to Gatsby like never before – here’s ten reasons why this immersive theatrical experience in London is nothing short of spectacular (Leonardo DiCaprio not included, sorry!).

1. It’s one of the UK’s longest running immersive theatre shows – ever!

Following on from its immense success at the 2017 Vault Festival, Gatsby himself invites you to join his little soiree and become the guest of honour in this fantastic theatre experience. Venture to Gatsby’s Drug Store in London’s South Bank for a party that will put all others to shame – you’ve never known magnificence like this, that we can promise you.

2. The composition is unlike any other show you’ll see in London.

You’ll be closer to the action than ever before, drinking, dancing and breathing the very same air as Gatsby himself. The production itself is comprised of 57 scenes, taking place over 2 floors and in nine custom built rooms – yes, nine! This guarantees that every time you visit, you’ll have an entirely unique experience that will leave you desperate for your next encounter with the mysterious Great Gatsby.

3. Gin lovers, rejoice! There’s definitely plenty to go around…

You may be surprised to learn that The Great Gatsby is the second largest distributor of Copperhead gin on the planet! Set in a world of bootlegging and prohibition, wind down and enjoy the refreshing taste of the illicit beverages on offer. In fact, over 1.2 million millilitres of Copperhead have been sold at Gatsby’s Drug Store, but we won’t tell if you don’t, old sport!

4. For first class service, there’s nowhere quite like Gatsby’s Drugstore.

As if being personally invited to a party by the Jay Gatsby isn’t enough, you could also be in with the chance of getting up close to the legend himself. To date, Gatsby himself has poured over 7,000 drinks for the special audience members that are lucky enough to be invited into his private syndicate scene. Curious? There’s only one way for you to find out Gatsby’s secrets…

5. The cast’s linguistic prowess seemingly knows no bounds.

To date, the cast have spoken an impressive grand total of 11,076,000 words, which is the equivalent of reading the novel itself 228 times! This, of course, includes Gatsby’s favourite expression, ‘old sport’, which has been said an incredible 18,176 times – and yet we never get tired of hearing it!

6. It’s a production open to anybody and everybody.

The Arts are a form of expression for people of all sorts of identities, and The Great Gatsby encourages and celebrates this. The show operates with a policy of gender equal recruitment, even including the transgender community. So far, it has employed a total of 64 people, 50% of which identify as men and the other 50% as women. And who doesn’t love some good, old-fashioned equality?

7. The secrets aren’t all for Gatsby…

Much like high school girls and their crushes, the most successful of bootleggers have mastered the art of note passing; some things are just too dangerous to say out loud! To date, there have been 1575 secret notes passed from the audience members of this immersive show to the cast. We bet you’re desperate to find out what they say!

8. Your literature knowledge will be put to the test.

You may notice that the hosts, crew and bar staff all have show names that refer to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s other classic novels. Fritz, Baby-Face, Tennessee, Big Mac and Kitty can all be found around the set, among others. How many of characters do you know, and can you remember which novels they appear in?

9. Don’t miss out on the show that thousands have already experienced.

Since it opened its doors in London’s South Bank, Gatsby’s Drugstore has welcomed over 75,000 people and invited them to join in the one of a kind party on offer. With the show opening in 7 countries over the next 18 months, there’s never been a better time to experience the extravaganza for yourself.

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