With many new plays coming out at the end of this year, more celebs than ever are making the transition from your television screens to the West End. To help prepare you for the shows to come, guest blogger Georgia Merritt has got the hottest news on the top celebs heading to the stage, and some interesting facts about them!



You may know him as the abhorrent (thankfully now deceased) Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones, but,  before his highly successful TV career, Iwan Rheon was an Olivier winning stage actor. Now, like many of his fellow cast mates, he is returning to the West End in a ‘darkly thrilling new play’ (The Telegraph) so before you go see the show, here are some tidbits you may not have known about Iwan.

He was a wedding singer

Determined to be accepted into the music industry from a young age, Iwan would stop at nothing to reach his dream, so much so that he even took up a job as a wedding singer! Along with his closest companions, he would get dressed up to perform a spectacular show for lucky brides and grooms on their wedding days – if only he was still available to hire!

English is not his first language

Unsurprising when looking at his name, Iwan Rheon’s first language is not English and is, in fact, Welsh, being born in Carmarthen, Wales. When he was five, he moved to Cardiff and attended Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf (what a mouthful!) and this is where, at age 17, his passion for acting developed and eventually led him to become a masterclass performer, pursuing a career in acting, singing and as a musician.



Aidan Turner, best known for playing the role of Ross in the BBC hit series Poldark, now plays Mac Padraic, a terrorist deemed too violent to be a member of the IRA in the Lieutenant of Ireland. With excellent reviews so far and heavy praise for his acting, be sure to check him out and check out these hilarious facts!

He was banned from eating Cornish pasties

Whilst filming was taking place for Poldark in Cornwall, the producers, scared Aidan may ruin his perfect physique which he had been building up for many months before he arrived on set to film, banned him from eating Cornish pasties! If only our boss would do the same for us…

His embarrassing first acting role

We know one thing for sure: Aidan’s TV debut was certainly not his big break! At the tender age of 18, Aidan managed to secure a prominent role in an advert for Bord Bia (Irish food board) promoting eggs! While he may have  aced the role, it certainly was not the most glamorous first job and definitely highlights how far he has come!

KIT HARINGTON- TRUE WESTkit-harington.jpeg

Yet another Game of Thrones star has turned to the West End! Kit Harington, known for his role as our favourite Lord Commander, Jon Snow, and for ending Iwan Rheon’s reign over Winterfell, has landed one of the lead roles in Sam Shepard’s ‘True West’, alongside Johnny Flynn. Be sure to check out this bitter, bracing comedy about sibling rivalry when it opens later this year, and to tide you over until then, check out the facts below!

He is of Royal Blood (and not just in Game of Thrones!)
Although Kit seems to be worthy of royalty due to his talent as an actor, he is actually of royal blood and has multiple close links with the throne! Not only is his father Sir Richard Harrington, 15th Baronet, but go further back and you’ll find that his grandmother was a descendant of King Charles II. Now that really is impressive!

His first audition was… interesting…

When auditioning to appear in Game of Thrones, Kit turned up to his first audition with a black eye following a fight in McDonald’s (Ned Stark would definitely not approve!). However, it seems even with a black eye, Kit was able to impress and win the role that’s been stealing our hearts for the past 7 years; he even seems to believe this rough appearance helped him get the job, as his tough exterior was particularly suited for the role! Everything really does happen for a reason.


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