You may recognise Jamie as one-fifth of renowned boyband Collabro, who won Britain’s Got Talent in 2014, and have since made three albums and been on tour twice, selling more than 50,000 tickets. Since we will soon be hearing his name much more around the West End, we have decided to dedicate a post to him so that you can get to know him better.

Previous career

Before he got his big break on BGT, Jamie had actually taken an entirely different career path. Staying clear of the creative industry altogether, Jamie was working part-time in the finance department of Barts Health NHS trust in London. Before this, Jamie was the Chief Executive of the NHS foundation in South Tyneside where his mother served. If this isn’t the definition of a career change we don’t know what is!



How his band formed

Collabro was actually formed through social media! He and his friend Matt had decided that they wanted to use their creative talent and form a band, however, there were only two of them and they knew they needed more members to make their dream a reality. In a search to discover their future bandmates, they posted on social media about what they were looking for and then held auditions where they eventually found Michael, Thomas, and Richard! They clicked immediately and went on Britain’s Got Talent only a few weeks after being formed!



Solo Performances 

Although you normally would only see him sing alongside his fellow bandmates, Jamie has occasionally performed solo, mainly at mayoral charity events. A few examples of this are the South Tyneside Summer Festival, and Cancer Connections in South Shields. Looks like Jamie loves to perform, especially if it’s for a good cause!


His production company will be different

Fed up of seeing the same people getting all the biggest and best West End roles, Jamie spoke of his own struggles to break out and how that inspired him to form his own production company. He stated, “in each show, we aim to have at least one person who has not worked in the West End before. We are looking for fresh talent, as well as people who have waited a long time to make their West End debut,” adding, “there’s so much talent out there that isn’t recognised, because they don’t have the credits they need to get the jobs.”

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Lambert Jackson announced their debut show recently, choosing to celebrate 100 years of women in Musical Theatre for their very first production. We certainly can’t wait to see what else is to come for Jamie, and wish him all the best with his future endeavours!