Why You Need To See ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’

The latest production of one of Oscar Wilde’s most famous plays opens at London’s Vaudeville theatre next week (Friday 3rd August), and we’ve got all of the reasons why this is sure to be an unmissable event…

  1. The Importance of Being Earnest is Wilde’s most popular play Premiered in 1985 and published in 1898, there have been many stage productions and even three film adaptations of The Importance of Being Earnest, not to mention the hundreds of critical essays written, worldwide stage productions, and the fact that it’s included on school syllabuses… Is this the definition of a literary masterpiece? You decide!
  2. The play was the climax of Wilde’s career – and led to his downfall…Despite a successful opening that saw Wilde praised for his cleverness and humour, the show was closed after just 86 performances when it was revealed to a Victorian court that the writer was homosexual, and he was thrown in prison as a result. Upon his release, he published the play while in exile in Paris, but never wrote any comedic or dramatic works again.
  3. It is the last in the critically acclaimed Oscar Wilde Season What better way to celebrate the success of this fantastic run of shows at the Vaudeville Theatre than by seeing the final of four incredible productions? Following on from the wonderful new adaptations of A Woman Of No Importance, Lady Windermere’s Fan and An Ideal Husband, it only makes sense to see the climax of this special season of theatre. If you missed these other plays, this is your last chance to get in on the action of Oscar Wilde season! 

    ImportanceEarnest PROD CS-1082

  4. Between them, the cast have an Olivier Award, a Golden FIPA award and over 8 nominations from the Olivier’s, WhatsOnStage and Screen Actors Guild Awards!
    Want to know when a show is guaranteed to be worth seeing? When it has a whole host of critically acclaimed and award-winning actors! From Olivier award-winner Sophie Thompson to Screen Actors Guild award-winner Jeremy Swift, there’s enough acting heavyweights in this adaptation to.
  5. The British Library described the play as a ‘unique comic achievement…both of its time and ahead of its time’ In case we’re not being clear, this play was, and still remains, a big deal. Oscar Wilde had a gift for storytelling and for character creation, a gift that shines through the fibres of this play. Whether you’ve never seen it or you’ve seen it a thousand times, the characters and the comedy are timeless.
  6. It’s a piece of English heritage on stage Again: big deal
  7. Quintessentially British, Classic Spring’s The Importance of Being Earnest is the perfect Summer Play Notoriety aside, after an exciting British summer, full of sporting history and wonderful weather, what better way to carry on enjoying the spirit that has infected the country than to see one of its most famous plays, produced by one of its most famous writers?


  8. It’s the chance to watch star of stage and screen Sophie Thompson (Harry Potter, Eastenders, Coronation Street, Four Weddings, Celebrity Masterchef)
    She has appeared in some of Britain’s greatest television shows and films, and even cooked up enough of a storm on Celebrity Masterchef to take the title! Now Sophie Thompson can add one of Britain’s most iconic and historical plays to her already impressive list of credentials. Is there there no notorious show that Sophie can’t master?
  9. This is the return of Michael Fentiman, director of the 5-star revival of Joe Orton’s Loot, to the West End. If you’re not already impressed by the work itself, or by the multi-award winning stars of the show: 1) you are very hard to please and 2) perhaps the director will win you over. Fentiman is trained as both an actor and a director, and spent three years directing shows for the Royal Shakespeare Company that gained multiple five-star reviews. Suffice to say, this production is in very capable hands!

If this sounds like the ideal Summer show for you – grab tickets here!

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