Can you name these West End record breakers? Here are the answers!

1.What is the West End’s longest running play?

The Mousetrap. It’s not just the longest running play in the West End; it’s the longest running play in the world. (And by the way, that’s what that production shot was from on the quiz page.)

2. What is the West End’s longest running musical?

Les Misérables. 32 years (33 this October!) and counting.

3. What is the West End’s shortest running show?

Wilde. It opened for Oscar Wilde’s 150th birthday, in 2004, and closed after one night.

4. What is the West End’s highest grossing show?

The Lion King. It’s also the highest grossing show worldwide.

5. Which West End show sells the most expensive tickets?

Hamilton. Not surprised, are you?

6. Which (now closed) West End show was the most expensive to mount?

The Lord of the Rings musical (which we’ll never get tired of teasing).

7. Who’s the highest paid West End actress ever?

Idina Menzel. During her run in the West End production of Wicked, she reportedly made $30,000 a week.

8. What’s the oldest London theatre?

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane dates to 1663.

9. What was the first musical ever to play in London?

The Beggar’s Opera was the first show to mix dialogue and song. It played at the Lincoln’s Inn Fields in 1728 and ran for 62 performances–which, for its time, was a record. How little anyone knew then what was in store!

How did you do?

0-3: Wow! We didn’t think it was possible, but you flopped almost as hard as The Lord of the Rings musical! Congrats!

4-6: You’re not Idina Menzel, but we’ve got to hand it to you: you’re pretty good at this London theatre stuff.

7-9: You’re the Les Misérables of theatre nerds. Nice work.

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