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Made in Dagenham. So far, it’s all about Act One. Some great one liners, some filthy language, some catchy tunes…but they need to go back to the drawing board with Act Two – particularly the opening. Harold Wilson must be turning in his grave!

Gypsy – Chichester is ringing to the sound of Imelda Staunton’s Mama Rose, in the standout performance of the season. Surely her gypsy caravan will be rolling into the West End sometime very soon…


Facebook and Twitter were red-hot this week with News that director Tim Burton was planning to put his gothic spin on another classic Musical – this time Mary Poppins. However, the rumours were complete bunkum. Someone with too much time on their paws had glued Cate Blanchett’s head onto Jenna Coleman’s body (she’s Doctor Who‘s assistant). The result was more Scary Poppins than Mary Poppins.



Kate Blanchett: Would you let this woman babysit?

Still, it got me thinking – what else could we stick Kate Blanchett’s head on?

Maybe she’d fancy

a stint with Marti Pellow in the role of a South American dictator’s wife who tries to save Argentina by encouraging everyone to just eat dry low calorie biscuits.



Or maybe she fancies an afternoon as an Essex Girl?




Perhaps she could spice up Act Two of Made in Dagenham? Let’s face it, they could use the help…




Ciao and miaow

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