Harry Potter & The Cursed Child: Preview Reactions Round Up

Could the Palace Theatre be seeing the end of Press Nights as we know them? There are a month of previews, but already the internet is ablaze with comments from audience members, soundbites and buzz from the Part One of the hottest ticket in the West End: Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. So what are people saying? Read more

Is this the West End’s most expensive ever show?

Firstly, an apology. We’re about to use the C word. Christmas….and it’s still only August.

While we’re used to stories about the high cost of West End Theatre, even we were a little shocked at the news this week that a festive trip to Elf – The Smash Hit Musical will cost up to an eyewatering £240.00 per ticket. The show will star Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud, Strictly Come Dancing, Shrek The Musical) alongside  Joe McGann, Jessica Martin and Ben Forster (Jesus Christ Superstar).

Our advice is simply to avoid the uber-expensive seats. The Dominion is one of those theatres which, because it was once a cinema, tends to have pretty great views wherever you sit.

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