Michael Ball, Perfect Pitch & The Future of Musicals

Ring the buzzer of a little black door just off Leicester Square, climb a flight of stairs and you may just glimpse the future of Musical Theatre: Perfect Pitch, a UK Theatre Company dedicated to the creation and development of the New British Musical. The passionate and focused team behind Perfect Pitch is husband and wife Andy and Wendy Barnes – and if you’re serious about British Musicals you’d do well to remember their names.

Hi both. How did Perfect Pitch begin and how did you meet?

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The Go-Between: The Making of a Musical

If you’ve ever wondered how a West End Musical makes the leap from the page to the stage, then you’ll love our interview with Olivier Award winning writer, David Wood. From Goodnight Mister Tom to Fantastic Mr Fox, David’s career writing & adapting for Theatre and Children’s Literature spans six decades. His latest show, The Go-Between opens next week at the Apollo Theatre starring  Michael Crawford.

Hello David. Can you tell us how The Go-Between became a West End musical?

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A new British musical called The Go-Between is coming to the West End in May. This is exciting news and yet a little intriguing because not many people have heard of it until now. What is it about? Who’s in it? What’s its target audience? We have the answers… Read more