The Painkiller Review – Five Star Farce Majeure


The set-up is simple: Two adjoining hotel rooms are occupied by a professional hit-man and a suicidal husband. There’s also an adjoining door. It’s the kind of conceit which lends itself so perfectly to farce and director Sean Foley milks every last drop of humour from the situation. Read more

Kenneth Branagh in The Painkiller – Photos from the rehearsal room

Two men. Two lonely hotel rooms. An adjoining door…One of them is a killer… one of them wants to die… What could possibly go wrong?

Garrick Theatre, London, 2016, Credit: Johan Persson
Garrick Theatre, London, 2016, Credit: Johan Persson

The fourth production in his Plays at the Garrick season unites five-time Academy Award nomimee Sir Kenneth Branagh with Welsh wonderman Rob Brydon. Read more

Knight of a Thousand Stars: Why the Ladies Love Kenneth Branagh

Like pubs, the Royal Family and cheese rolling, Kenneth Branagh is one of Britain’s greatest phenomena. Hollywood loves him, and so have a succession of incredibly talented and high-flying British women.

Kenneth Branagh
Knight of a Thousand Stars: Sir Kenneth Branagh

So, what is it about our Ken that attracts the likes of Emma Thompson and Dame Judi Dench to love and Read more