Miss Saigon Wordsearch

Are you a Musical Theatre superbrain? Think you know your Kim from your Ellen? Test your Saigon skills by finding the words & phrases hidden in the grid below - there are 20 to find and all have a link to Miss Saigon. You'll need to have an eagle-eye to spot the lot...could you be... Continue Reading →

David Bowie Wordsearch

When David Bowie left earth in 2016, it seemed like the whole world stopped. But great artists live on through their work, and soon, London audiences will see Ziggy rise again. Lazarus is a musical written by David Bowie and Enda Walsh (Once). It was produced by Bowie and Ivan van Hove and ran at... Continue Reading →

West End Wordsearch

Were you born with the Musical Theatre gene? Do your feet start tapping when you hear a showtune? Hidden in the grid below are fourteen famous West End Musicals, past and present. They run up, down and diagonally as well as forwards and backwards. Who'll be first to find all fourteen? Once you've found all fourteen you can... Continue Reading →

Are you a Musical Genius?

Only a Musical Theatre Genius can name a show from just two song lyrics! Test your Musical Theatre Lyrics IQ – and then challenge your friends... We’ve compiled 25 lyrics from West End & Broadway shows, from the simple to the fiendishly difficult. How many shows can you name? The answers at the end -  but no peeking!! Ready? Steady? GO!... Continue Reading →

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